Top Three Reasons To Attend Summer Camp at Shu Ren International School

Summer camp is an incredibly exciting experience for kids. It provides many opportunities for them to build confidence, engage with their peers, build skills, and foster independence. Furthermore, children will develop resiliency as they adapt to new situations, learn how to work with others, and function in a new environment. 

Are you considering sending your child to summer camp this year? Here are a few reasons it would be ideal for your child to attend Shu Ren’s exciting camps: 

1. Connect with Like Minds

Summer camp encourages children to work together and communicate. Students get a chance to pursue interests in a safe and non-competitive environment with friends, old and new. They may get the chance to connect with children from other areas that they might not have met under other circumstances. The relationships kids build at camp are often cherished friendships for the rest of their lives.

2. Try New Things and Improve Skills

Going to camp creates the opportunity for kids to explore passions while building a sense of independence and competence. Furthermore, they will develop resiliency as they adapt to new situations. They will learn how to work with people from a variety of different backgrounds and function in a new environment. At Shu Ren, campers can focus on culinary skills, science, cultural arts, music, and a host of other activities.

3. Experience the Benefits of Language Immersion

When you send your child to summer camp at Shu Ren, they will engage in Mandarin language immersion. Learning language early in life offers a number of benefits for your child. Language immersion builds cultural awareness as kids learn to navigate contexts, fostering respect across communities. This flexibility and open-mindedness are pivotal to international teamwork. Learning language at an early age offers several other benefits such as increased brain functionality, better memory skills and increased vocabulary.

Shu Ren offers a variety of Mandarin immersion summer camp options for kids in Pre-K and K-3. Contact us today to learn more about our summer camps and how they can enhance your child’s summer. 

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