Experiential Learning

At Shu Ren International School, experiential learning and curriculum are essential components of making the IB and Mandarin immersion environment come alive for our students and their families. We define experiential learning as an opportunity for students to link their classroom lessons, knowledge, and skills with events, individuals, or experiences outside the traditional classroom format.

Our experiential learning opportunities also pool resources from the family community, such as when a parent comes in to give a presentation. This allows students to learn from an expert by actively learning and doing. Experiential learning draws from the rich educational experiences of the area that we live in.

Last year, grades went as far afield as China and also visited local places such as the California Academy of Science, Berkeley Public Library, Angel Island, The Marine Mammal Center, The Exploratorium, Muir Woods, and other exciting destinations around the Bay Area. These events also ensured that the students were enthusiastic about learning and asked relevant and meaningful questions.

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Shu Ren Lunar New Year festival 2020
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