Extracurricular Programs

At Shu Ren, we provide a number of after school, summer, and academic year programs that provide further educational opportunities in both Mandarin and English. Whether it be engagement in our various camps or afterschool enrichment, your children will enjoy the various extra curricular activities that will expand their knowledge and skills.

Extended Day Care

For those parents who are unable to pick up their child by the end of the school day at 3 PM, we have play based after care available for all Shu Ren International School Students in both our preschool and elementary school campuses from 3 PM - 6 PM. During this time, children spend the majority of their time (both indoor and outdoor, as weather permits) with their peers in a play based environment with Chinese language teachers present.


Many of our students participate in afterschool enrichment in both Mandarin and English. In our early childhood program, families can choose from various types of afterschool enrichment such as paper art, creative movement, yoga, soccer and science. In our elementary school, students can participate in after school sessions such as: chess, homework club (available daily as needed), art impact, mathletes, kidtrepreneurs, soccer, and so much more. Our offerings change based on parent interest and teacher availability each semester creating an abundance of opportunity for children to develop new skills.

Homework Club

We take great pride in our ability to provide a challenging environment for students to develop Mandarin language proficiency. This is why we provide daily access to Mandarin language homework assistance. Shu Ren International School Homework Club is available to all students Kindergarten through Grade 5 to assist with any, and all, Mandarin language assignments. The homework club is offered after school between 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM. Your child will be sure to receive the support they need to be successful and fulfill their potential with our passionate and highly trained teachers.

Vacation Camps

Shu Ren International School Vacation Camps are a fun and exciting way to continue your child's exposure to Mandarin language, keep up your child’s progress, or have your child spend time with their friends in a warm and inviting academic environment. Your children will spend the week in a Mandarin language immersion environment that goes far beyond sitting in a classroom. Our students actively learn language by interacting with mixed age peers in an intimate school setting. Your child will learn concepts and language in Mandarin that are truly applicable to their everyday lives and will exhibit excellent communication skills with the greater Mandarin language community.

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