Discovering Mandarin, Art, and Culture: Shu Ren Summer Camp Adventure

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A hallmark theme of Summer Camp at Shu Ren International School explores Chinese music and arts. Over the course of a two week session, our PreK and Elementary campers take a deep dive into a rich and immersive learning experience – that’s brimming with FUN! Each carefully crafted activity enhances language acquisition, fosters an appreciation for diverse artistic expressions, and deepens their understanding of Chinese culture.

Kicking off this summer, our PreK and Elementary campers embarked on an immersive journey as they discovered the vibrant connections between Mandarin language, art, and Chinese culture. Our PreK campers learned Mandarin in a fun and interactive way through the magic of Chinese music. They engaged multiple senses as they learned Chinese songs, played musical games, and experimented with percussion instruments, allowing them to develop their language skills while embracing the joy of music.

Hands-on activities enriched their experience as campers created their own Chinese gongs using everyday household materials, and immersed themselves in the enchanting sounds of traditional Chinese music. Additionally, they explored the art of using chopsticks through playful games which helped develop dexterity and cultural understanding. These delightful activities not only facilitated language acquisition but also instilled a genuine appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of China.

Elementary campers explored the captivating world of self-portraits. By studying artists, campers learned how emotions and identity are communicated through art. Inspired by these masterpieces, our campers unleashed their creativity and produced a series of unique self-portraits. Each self-portrait became an expression of their individuality and a reflection of the artist they studied. This immersive experience encouraged campers to explore their own emotions and learn how art can serve as a powerful medium of self-expression.

Campers also learned about one of the four Great Inventions of China: papermaking. This step-by-step process begins by shredding recycled paper, then making paper pulp, and finally couching and drying, to create their own paper. This engaging activity not only showcased how materials can be repurposed through various art techniques, it also provided campers with the opportunity to explore the arts through the lens of inquiry and hands-on projects.

More summer adventures at Shu Ren International School await, promising non-stop Mandarin immersion learning and discovery for young campers!

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