A Journey of Knowledge: Shu Ren Grade 5 PYP Exhibition Celebrated!

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This annual celebration of the remarkable achievements of our Grade 5 students as they present their International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) Exhibition Projects brings Shu Ren International School’s mission, “… to inspire a love of learning through inquiry-based Mandarin immersion program while fostering global citizens” to fruition! 

As a culminating exhibition, PYP challenges students to apply all of the knowledge they have gained during their IB journey at Shu Ren. With a focus on global issues and taking meaningful action, these bright young minds have devoted themselves to researching, investigating, and presenting their findings on matters of great significance. From the impact of human activity on marine life to the accessibility of art, technology’s influence on human behavior, gender inequality, and the growing problem of space waste, their projects showcase a profound understanding of the world around us. 

Shu Ren’s Primary Years Program Exhibition serves as a testament to their growth, knowledge, and ability to think critically, collaborate effectively, and make a positive impact in their journey of inquiry-based learning. We are especially proud of their fluency in presenting their sophisticated exhibition projects in both English and Mandarin! Their dedication and commitment to becoming compassionate and responsible global citizens serve as an inspiration to us all.

We eagerly await the PYP Exhibition of our rising 5th Graders in the upcoming school year!

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