Celebrating the Lunar New Year

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Our Pre-K children explored traditional Lunar New Year celebrations through a variety of learning activities! They inquired into how to celebrate the Lunar New Year by listening to the traditional Chinese New Year storybooks《斗年兽》,《过年啦》,《团圆》. The children were engaged in learning what people do to prepare for the Lunar New Year, such as cleaning the house, putting up red paper, and receiving red envelopes. The Pre-K3 children used their knowledge of shapes and colors to decorate the background of the Chinese New Year house on the wall of the classroom in a teamwork manner.

The Pre-K4 children had a lot of fun in learning and performing chopstick dance. After the children sang and performed the songs “小鞭炮 Little Firecracker”, 恭喜恭喜 Gongxi Gongxi.”, they said lucky phrases to each other in Chinese to express their New Year’s blessings.

Food is an important part of the Chinese New Year. The children were curious about the food that people eat and the meaning of the food. The Pre-K2 children experienced making rice balls with glutinous rice flour. The Pre-K3 children liked to taste sticky rice cake and describe their taste in Chinese “甜甜的 (It tastes sweet.)”

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