Announcing the Shu Ren 20-21 Student Council!

“Drum roll, please!” These were the last words spoken by anyone before the election results were revealed. After half a month of heated campaign competitions, the results were finally in! The air around the Zoom call that day was as quiet as a serene park as the candidates for the Shu Ren student council president waited. And waited. After the drum roll, the sound, “Maxxy!” came. The crowd’s applause grew louder and louder as some people cried, and others rejoiced, almost crying in joy.

Yes, that was an accurate representation of what happened at the election on November 12th this year. The presidency was won by Maxxy and the vice president was Zoe (They’re both in 6th grade.) The class representatives were Aidan (grade 5), Vivi (grade 4), and Xingyue (grade 3). Congratulations to this year’s student council!

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