A Look Back in Celebration of IB Excellence!

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Reflecting on this past school year, the Shu Ren International School’s Showcase and Festival of the Arts stands out as unforgettable! This highly anticipated event is captivating with its stunning displays of intellectual curiosities, global perspectives, and artistic expressions.

From mesmerizing puppet shows and thought-provoking projects to insightful research, our students embarked on an exceptional journey of learning and discovery – exploring connections across subjects and showcasing their collaborative problem-solving skills, critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and the power of transdisciplinary education.

In each classroom, we witnessed the beautiful convergence of multiple subjects, where students delved into complex real-world issues, connecting concepts from various disciplines and gaining a profound understanding of the world around them.

As each school year comes to a close, we reflect in appreciation and gratitude: Our students, and their remarkable achievements; our exceptional educators for their guidance and expertise as they model the IB transdisciplinary approach to learning; and our parents for supporting our school community and annual events, including the Showcase and Festival of the Arts – we extend our heartfelt thanks!

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